Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fred Kittle Resigning as Vice-Chairman of Bartow County Republican Party and Vice-Chairman of Fund Raising for the 11th District Georgia Republican Party

(Media Release) Fred Kittle, Bartow County School Board District 4 Member-Elect, said today that he has notified the Bartow County Republican Party and the 11th District Georgia Republican Party Executive Committees that by party rules he has resigned upon being elected.

"An officer who qualifies as a candidate for an elected public office for which no other Republican has also qualified shall be deemed to have resigned immediately upon being elected to that office." 

Louis DeBroux, Chairman of the Bartow GOP, said, "I can tell you without equivocation that Fred has been an enormous asset to the party."

John Wallace Chairman of the 11th District Georgia Republican Party,  said,  "Every member of the 11th District Committee will miss your work and advice as an officer."

Bob Shaw of the 11th District is quoted, "As you read of the problems that plague so many of our school boards, it is comforting to know that a man of your stature is freely assuming this responsibility.  Best of luck and God's blessings in your new assignment."

If anyone would like to attend the Oath of Office Swearing in Ceremony, it is Monday, December 31, at 10 am. The ceremony will be at the Bartow County Courthouse in Judge Smith's Courtroom D. Also being sworn in are our County Commissioner, Tax Commissioner, Clerk of Court, and another school board member.

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